What Your Heavenly Waters Should Flow Like

 by Jen Cherewaty RAc, RTCMP

A Chinese Medicine Perspective of a Good Period Flow

Start with Supporting the Flow
In Chinese medicine, we call the period “The Heavenly Waters”. When you are working on becoming more fertile or to reduce issues with your period such as cramping, spotting, flooding, heavy or light flow supporting the monthly discharge of the lining of the uterus is a key first step.

The Ideal Flow

The ideal period flow has the following characteristics;

  • little to no spotting in the days previous to starting
  • 3-5 days of bleeding
  • day 1 of the flow is the first full day of light, moderate or heavy bleeding
  • no flooding (going through a pad or super tampon in less than 2 hours)
  • very little low abdominal cramping before and during
  • very little low back pain before and during
  • very few clots or pieces of tissue in the menstrual blood
  • deep, full red blood (as opposed to brown, powdery, dark red, purplish or bright red)
  • no stopping and starting of the flow
  • BBT should drop form higher levels of 36.7+ down to 36.2 ish

If your current period does not meet most of the above characteristics, you could use some support for your menstrual cycle flow.

Chinese Medicine to Encourage the Flow

As an acupuncturist and chinese medicine practitioner, my first goal here is to encourage the complete discharge of the menstrual blood so that a new lining may grow evenly on a smooth base. Certain acupuncture points and herbs have the effect of;

  • flushing the uterine cavity
  • opening the uterus
  • encouraging strong downward movement
  • moving the blood
  • facilitating a smooth and thorough discharge of the menstrual flow
  • removing obstructions to blood flow
  • decreasing pain in the back & sacrum
  • boosting energy (qi) to lead the blood out
  • reducing low abdomen cramping or pain
  • calming the mind

If you are having any of the above symptoms with your period and are interested in addressing them. please contact Jen Cherewaty RAc, RTCMP at Crossroads Naturopathic 604. 568.7229. She would be honoured to assist you with a better flow of you heavenly waters.

“I was having spotting before my period, tons of painful cramping and a period that dragged on for 7-8 days. After seeing Jen for acupuncture and taking chinese herbs for 2 months my pre-period spotting has stopped, my painful cramping has reduced and my flow now lasts only 5-6 days…I am amazed!”

~Vancouver Client

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