Blossom with a Spring Detox

Photo by Jen Cherewaty RAc, RTCMP

Spring Detox
by Dr. Rida Wang ND, RAc~Mama and Naturopath Extrodinaire

Spring is finally upon us! While many of us are eager to seize the season-gardening, running, hiking, kayaking, taking the kids to the park or taking a long walk around the seawall, there are some of us who are having a harder time clearing the cobwebs.

Spring is an amazing time for detox-mentally, spiritually, and physically. And we, at Crossroads Naturopathic can help you.

We can support you in finding natural ways of managing anxiety/depression, improving sleep quality, energy levels, improving mood, determining your food sensitivities or shedding some winter weight.

Our services include:
Naturopathic Medicine
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Registered Holistic Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Clinical Counseling

Have You Done a Cleanse and felt great after…leave a comment below and let us know how you did your cleanse and how you felt after.

Find out how amazing your can feel. Call Crossroads Naturopathic Clinic today. 604.568.6899.

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