Change the World, Build Self-Esteem

by Magi
(Intuitive Healer, Quantum Activist)

Power is the fundamental ingredient of life. And it is a health factor.
When we are living in the light of our own life, we feel empowered. When we are living in the shadow of our life, we feel power-less.

What does that look like?

Living in the light of our own life means we have a deep regard for who we are intrinsically. That we can discern within ourselves the weakest part of ourselves and under no circumstances do we allow it to trump our wisdom. We know what it is to be in our own integrity, to be guided by inner truth and we are committed to listening to and acting from our wisdom regardless of perceived outcomes. Because we know in our hearts we’ll be fine come what may. We understand that life is for us not against us and we are the vessels through which life is generating.

Living in the shadow of our own life means we feel subject to the force of life itself. We feel like things are happening to us and we have no control. We are disconnected from our power of choice. What we don’t see when we’re in shadowland is that we work hard to deny the quiet voice within us that is constantly guiding us to things, people and events that will enhance and empower us. That same inner knowing will guard us from what isn’t good for us. And our body is the precise instrument of learning to discern how to read when we are manipulating our own wisdom.

It all boils down to this: self-esteem.

Self-esteem is what determines whether or not we listen to our intuition. It’s the most profound ingredient of our health. And it’s the substance and source of our empowerment. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly negotiating our power in the world. It’s best to develop the inner skills of tuning into our own bodies and
psyches to know intimately who we are.

Know thyself and you know the Universe. Your state of health is the power zone expressing precisely where you are on the journey of self-knowing.

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